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Elegant sophistication with 1 Corinthians 13, 4-8

Nangamso’s, based in Cape Town, brief was clear; Coral & Navy colour scheme and design theme… Stylish, glamorous yet elegant. Then she sends me an amazing picture that captures the emotion perfectly. Add 1 Corinthians13 to the mix and …Wow…...

Elegant simplicity

Bianca, from Johannesburg, wanted an aisle runner that was simply and elegant.  She sent me a picture of her and Tiago holding hands.  It beautifully accentuated her engagement/wedding ring.  Scroll down.

Vele & Irene

Irene, from Johannesburg, contacted me a few weeks before her wedding.  She ordered the following; Wedding Aisle runner – 10 meter Table Overlay Bottle labels Wedding car decals, and a Paige boy banner that boldly inform everyone of the  bride’s imminent...
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