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Deveshnee, based in New Zealand, contacted me and asked if I could design an aisle runner for her.  Her theme was Diamonds and colour scheme is Ombre blue.  We looked at various options of bling material that could be incorporated.  Some were too expensive and others were just not practical.  Eventually I said to her, “let me see what I can do”.  This started a 4 month project that culminated in the design you see before you.  Somewhere along the line I realised that the project was bigger than I anticipated, but by that time I was so immersed into it, and enjoyed it so much, that I no longer was regarded it as Deveshnee’s aisle runner, but MY aisle runner.  I wanted to create something that was unique… something that was never done before.

The challenge was designing the diamonds.  This is far more complex than meets the eye.  Have a closer look at it, you’ll see what I mean.  The next challenge was the ombre colour scheme and designing the diamonds to reflect that.  The monogram is entirely constructed out of diamonds, so is the edge border reflecting the colour scheme.  There’s literally thousands of diamonds on the aisle runner.  Now, in case you didn’t realise it, each diamond had to be individually placed, and in the case of the monogram, it had to be sized accordingly.  This takes an incredible amount of time.   I couldn’t  have it take up all of my time, so I had to work on it 3-4 times a week, in between other aisle runners that had to be designed, printed and shipped off to clients.  Deveshenee, at one stage, became worried that it was taking long and that it wouldn’t be ready in time, which by that time, the wedding date was drawing nearer and nearer.  I had to assure her, and her wedding planner, Chantell Small, owner and creative guru at  The One & Only – Weddings and Events, that it would be ready in time.  [Note to b2b’s, connect with Chantell.  You’ll be glad you did.]

Deveshnee chose the bespoke Cotton canvas option with the intention of cutting out the monogram and having it stretch wrapped to serve as a decor art piece.  When I finally presented her with a draft design, she was ecstatic and gave me the go ahead to print.  Fortunately, I didn’t have to send it all the way to New Zealand.  Deveshnee and Thison wedding was held in Durban, South Africa, where both their families are.  The wedding ceremony took place at Greensleeves Camelot Castle in Hillcrest, Kwa Zulu Natal.

When Deveshnee emailed me the pictures, she had this to say;

“The aisle runner was very beautiful and it worked so well with our Diamond Theme.. Guests were really impressed and did not see anything like it before. Thison and I loved it, thank you so much. We felt so special walking down our unique aisle runner”

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Poem. Notice the ombre blue shading


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