Wedding Aisle Runners 22


Mishka, from Durban, was inspired by Kim Kardashian’s wedding aisle runner and wanted one similar.  This was a tall order since Kim Kardashian’s aisle runner sported glittering Rhinestones.  It’s  was relatively short-notice and there just wasn’t enough time to bling it out with Rhinestones.  Our “can do” attitude would not be stymied.  We quickly designed our own sparkling diamonds to adorn Mishka’s monogram.  I’m sure that even Kim Kardashian would have been envious of the size of the “stones” and brilliant sparkle.

Mishka & Yousuf boasted a 25m long wedding aisle runner.  Colours were black and white, which we softened with silver grey.  The detailing at the bottom provided a feature all on its own and set the  stage for the beautiful monogram further down the aisle.  It was painstakingly trace cut to an artistic elegance to it.

Kim Kardashian 05

John Mayer (the cat) doing quality control

Kim Kardashian 11


Kim Kardashian 10

Nicole trimming the edges

Kim Kardashian 07

Trace cutting the start of the wedding aisle runner

Kim Kardashian 06

Bottom feature

Kim Kardashian 04

Side trim

Kim Kardashian 03

Sparkling diamonds Kim Kardashian would envy

Kim Kardashian 02

Monogram with edge border