We were commissioned by event planners, Hands On Promotions, based in Johannesburg, to produce this 10m (33feet) runner for their client. Chad & Shevaun’s poem is really intense. We’d love to take credit for the poem but no, it was supplied by the client. Our brief was clear…. Bohemian theme, coral and teal colour scheme and feathers. The result is what you see below. In addition to that, the runner would be placed on grass. To avoid the potential of the runner being lifted by a gust of wind, we inserted brass eyelets along the edge and supplied pegs to secure the runner firmly to the ground. We also colour-coded the pegs to match the runner. Have a look at our Facebook page for more pictures.

This wedding aisle runner epitomises our vision of designing and delivering aisle runners that expresses our client’s dreams and wishes. We are not in this to produce generic run-of-the-mill aisle runners with cliche and, sometimes, cheezy poems. We believe that your wedding day is very special. You go to great lengths AND expense to make your day unique and extra special. So it is only correct the we give our best design and creative talent to produce runners that are works of art. In short, we are all about YOU!

Wedding Aisle Runners 10